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Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers: The Egg-citing Multiplayer FPS Adventure

Prepare for an egg-citing multiplayer adventure as you enter the world of Shell Shockers, the ultimate .io first-person shooter game that pits eggs against each other armed with formidable weaponry. Immerse yourself in the chaotic battlefield, choose your egg warrior, and engage in intense battles filled with bullets and bombs. Get ready for a crackin' good time in the egg-straordinary world of Shell Shockers!

Dive into the Battle: Eggs Armed to the Teeth

In Shell Shockers, you take on the role of an egg, armed with a variety of deadly weapons, in a fierce battle for supremacy. With four online game modes at your disposal, your mission is to take down opponents, shatter eggs, and emerge victorious. This is no ordinary egg hunt – it's a high-octane egg shooting extravaganza!

Mastering the Egg Battlefield: Tips and Strategies

To conquer the Shell Shockers arena, you'll need to strategize and act quickly. Protect yourself while dealing damage to rival eggs. Dive into each of the four game modes, each with its own unique challenges, and strive to become the ultimate egg warrior.

The Egg-citing Game Modes: Chaos Unleashed

  • Teams: Join either the red or blue team and engage in a heated battle against enemy eggs. The team with the most collective kills reigns supreme.

  • Free For All: It's every egg for itself in this mode. If you see an egg, shoot it – unless you want to be scrambled first. Only one egg can emerge as the winner.

  • Captula the Spatula: Two teams compete for control of the spatula. The team holding the spatula earns points for kills but risks losing them if the spatula-bearer meets a cracked fate.

  • King of the Coop: Battle it out in this exciting mode introduced in December 2021. Two teams vie for control of the coop, a defined area. Victorious players are rewarded with golden eggs – a true mark of honor!

Arming Up: Unleash the Egg Firepower

With seven main weapon types available, each with its own advantages and drawbacks, your strategy determines your success. Whether you're an accurate sharpshooter or a rapid-fire enthusiast, there's a weapon to match your playstyle.

Egg-citing Mobile Play: On-the-Go Fun

For those always on the move, the thrill of Shell Shockers is now available on mobile devices. Play on iOS and Android platforms and experience the egg-citement wherever you are!

Egg-splosive Developer Craftsmanship

Shell Shockers is developed by Blue Wizard Digital, the creative minds behind games like Basket Bros. Their ingenuity has brought to life a world where eggs rule the battlefield.

Dive into the Shell Shockers Chaos

Venture into the wild world of Shell Shockers and experience egg-battles like never before. Customize your egg warrior, select your mode, and engage in fast-paced, intense gameplay. With a plethora of weapons, diverse game modes, and customization options, this is a game that'll keep you egg-cited for hours on end. Gather your eggs, choose your weapon, and get ready for egg-splosive action!

Last Updated: Aug 01, 2023

How to play

Using Mouse

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