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Wheely: Embark on a Puzzle-Adventure Journey with a Cute Car

Just like its sequels Wheely 7, Wheely 4, Wheely 3, and Wheely 2, Wheely is a captivating car driving game that invites you to assist a charming red car (or other colors) in its exciting quest! Get ready to dive into a world of puzzles, challenges, and heartwarming moments as you help this adorable car pursue its dream of becoming a racing champion.

Unveiling the Journey: Solve Puzzles and Chase Dreams

In the world of Wheely, each scene presents a unique challenge that requires your puzzle-solving skills. Your task is to guide the endearing car through various scenarios, solving puzzles along the way. As you progress, you'll unlock new levels, unraveling the car's journey and supporting its ambition to become a racing champion.

Release Date and Version: A Classic Evolved

Originally released in May 2011, Wheely has stood the test of time as a beloved game that continues to capture players' hearts. The game has been updated to the modern HTML5 version, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience across platforms.

Developer's Touch: Crafted by Pegas Games

Wheely was masterfully created by the skilled developers at Pegas Games. Their attention to detail and dedication to creating an engaging and entertaining game shine through in every aspect of Wheely.

Features that Delight: A Puzzle-Adventure Delicacy

As the first episode of the Wheely series, this game introduces players to a world of endless possibilities and challenges. Customize Wheely's appearance, indulge in a fun puzzle-adventure journey, and conquer 15 levels of brain-teasing puzzles. The game's easy controls ensure that players of all ages can dive right into the action and enjoy the gameplay.

Platform and Controls: Accessibility at Your Fingertips

Wheely is playable on web browsers, making it accessible to players wherever they are. The game's controls are simple and intuitive—just use your mouse to guide Wheely through its enchanting adventure.

Join Wheely on its Quest

In the whimsical world of Wheely, challenges await, dreams are pursued, and puzzles are solved. As you journey alongside this lovable car, you'll be captivated by its determination and courage. Are you ready to help Wheely achieve its dream of becoming a racing champion? Immerse yourself in the heartwarming puzzle-adventure of Wheely and embark on a journey that's as delightful as it is entertaining. The road to success is just a click away!

How to play

Using Mouse

Category and Tags

puzzlecarpoint and clickhtml5

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