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Cute Cats Jigsaw Puzzle is a game designed for cat lovers and puzzle enthusiasts. The game is available on the website cut the rope and can be played on desktop and laptop computers. The objective of the game is to solve jigsaw puzzles by arranging pieces to form a complete picture of a cute cat. The game has different levels of difficulty, and players can use both the keyboard and mouse to play. In this article, we will provide a detailed guide on how to play Cute Cats Jigsaw Puzzle, including information on the keyboard and mouse controls, the levels of play, and tips for solving the puzzles.


Keyboard Controls:

Cute Cats Jigsaw Puzzle can be played using the keyboard. The following are the keyboard controls for the game:

  • Arrow keys: The arrow keys are used to move the selected puzzle piece left, right, up, or down.
  • Spacebar: The spacebar is used to rotate the selected puzzle piece.
  • Tab key: The tab key is used to switch between puzzle pieces.
  • Enter key: The enter key is used to place the selected puzzle piece in its correct position.

Mouse Controls:

Cute Cats Jigsaw Puzzle can also be played using the mouse. The following are the mouse controls for the game:

  • Left-click: Left-click on a puzzle piece to select it.
  • Drag and drop: Once a puzzle piece is selected, drag and drop it to its correct position.
  • Right-click: Right-click on a puzzle piece to rotate it.

Levels of Play:

Cute Cats Jigsaw Puzzle has different levels of difficulty. The levels are based on the number of puzzle pieces, and the more pieces a puzzle has, the harder it is to solve. The game has the following levels:

  1. Easy: The easy level has 12 pieces and is suitable for beginners.
  2. Medium: The medium level has 48 pieces and is more challenging than the easy level.
  3. Hard: The hard level has 108 pieces and is recommended for experienced puzzle solvers.

Tips for Solving the Puzzles:

Cute Cats Jigsaw Puzzle can be challenging, but with the following tips, you can improve your skills and complete the puzzles faster:

  1. Start with the edges: The first step to solving a jigsaw puzzle is to find the edges. Look for pieces with straight edges and assemble them to form the frame of the puzzle.
  2. Sort by color: Once you have assembled the edges, sort the remaining pieces by color. This will help you identify which pieces go together.
  3. Look for patterns: Jigsaw puzzles usually have repeating patterns or shapes that can help you identify where a piece fits.
  4. Rotate the pieces: Don't be afraid to rotate the pieces to see if they fit in a different orientation.
  5. Take breaks: Solving jigsaw puzzles can be time-consuming, so it's important to take breaks to rest your eyes and mind.


Cute Cats Jigsaw Puzzle is an entertaining game that combines the love of cats with the challenge of solving jigsaw puzzles. The game is available on the website and can be played using both the keyboard and mouse. The game has different levels of difficulty, and players can use the tips provided in this article to improve their skills and complete the puzzles faster. If you're a cat lover or puzzle enthusiast, give Cute Cats Jigsaw Puzzle a try and see how fast you can complete the puzzles!

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